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« : Nisan 27, 2007, 22:14:52 ÖS »


Anyone use the SyncML technology?

It’s a way to sync mobile phones/PDAs etc with some SyncML servers.

You can sync one way (pda-> server) just for backup or 2-way or you can restore (server->PDA).

In fact you can have a backup on your memory card, but what if your mobile phone/PDA has no memory card?
What if you are abroad traveling without any laptop etc and (knock on the wood)  you have to do hard reset on your pda/mobile phone??

In fact I started to use the SyncML since 1 year ago, because I use as mail the Thunderbird (on mac and on pc and sometimes on my SGI) , so I wanted to sync my contacts from the PPC with the Thunderbird.

Of course there is a SyncML plug-in for the Thunderbird.

So far:

There are the following servers (that is you can sync for free –at least using a PDA, I did not use a mobile as my mobile is totally crap and does not support such advanced technologies –after all I use this as GPS , for calls and sms only)

Note: some of them are Free … some other NOT! (this is what I use, ONE problem only: it displays tasks/events one day before! I hope they will fix it) (offline??)

One thing I don't know if the "free" services can use my contacts/calendar/tasks events.. sorry guys (n girls) I have no idea about it! After all I don't put  passwords/pin/credit card numbers on my contacts !

BUT to say the truth, one time I had to hard-reset my (dammit) pocketpc, the memory card backup was OLD! so I connected the pda on the net and got back the latest PIM info from the SyncML server.


New mobile phones have the SyncML sync as build-in!

PDA (PalmOS-WindowsMobile) users have to buy/try the following : (looks good, support SUX takes ages to reply on my requests) (completely free, has its own server too, but it’s a bit NON-compatible with some servers) (nice, compatible with a lot of servers, cost 20USD for the windows mobile version, this is what I am trying now, I may buy this, sync is really fast, support very friendly and they do their best)

That's a quick and dirty SyncML info... have fun!!!


PS (vigo!! next time use SyncML before FLASHing your Nokia firmware LOLOLOL)
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